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Mikroregion Rozvodí [ Microregion ]

In glacial period a Scandinavian iceberg completed its way in this place and the main European divide between the Baltic and Black Sea is passing through here. The group of municipalities was named after this divide, at the symbol of which you stand. The Ludina heads towards the Bečva and further through the Morava and the Danube towards the Black Sea. Further, the Velička and the tributaries of the Bradelný, Koutecký potok and Mraznice. The Luha with the tributaries of the Hradečný, Bělotínský, Lučický potok and the Doubrava drain along into the Odra and towards the Baltic. The Velička rises not far from Potštát, the Ludina between Partutovice and Jindřichov, and the Luha near Jindřichov. The group of municipalities of which intention is to advance their common interests includes the following municipalities: Bělotín (including its districts Kunčice, Lučice, and Nejdek), Jindřichov, Olšovec (including its district Boňkov), Partutovice, Potštát (including its districts Boškov, Kovářov, Kyžliřov, and Lipná), Polom, and Střítež nad Ludinou. Our municipalities start reviving the interest both in future and in past; several publications on the region were released on various occasions during past years. Interest groups, associations and schools participate in the cultural life in most municipalities. Each municipality has its cultural and historic values because of which we recommend you that you visit them.


Obecní úřad Střítež nad Ludinou
Zdeněk Lév, předseda mikroregionu
Střítež nad Ludinou 122
753 63 Střítež nad Ludinou
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 581 625 250



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