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The cycloroute no 503 [ Cycle route ]

Kružberk - Bohdanovice - Leskovec n. Mor. - Milotice n. Op. -Zátor - Brantice - Krnov

The cycloroute no 503.
Starting from the village " Starý Jičín " through Jeseník nad Odrou, Odry and Vítkov, takes up on the left bank of river Moravice by the dam of the reservoir Kružberk on the cycloroute no 552, leading along Moravice up to Opava. In the year 1992 there still was a wooden log cabin on the opposite bank. There spent childhood a world famous writer Joy Adams. The reservoir holds back the water from Moravice by the village Kružberk, situated on the historical Moravian- Silesian border. There runs a route through Kunčice,in the surroundings of which one can find the forlorn fractures for the slater's slate / characteristic for the region of Jeseníky, to Bohdanovice, where one can see the preserved agrarian posessions from the 19th c. On the junction of the roads ahead of Leskovec, one can turn to the 1,5 kilometres distant mole of the dam Slezská Harta.Then it progresses to Leskovec nad Moravicí with the Baroque church of St. Vavřinec from 1688. After three kilometers of the journey in the direction of Horní Benešov, the route turns left and goes further along the forest communication up to the nearness of the railway station Milotice nad Opavou with the train connection to Olomouc, Malé Morávky in the mountains Jeseníky up to Krnov and Opava. Then the route descends to the valley of the river Opava which rises in the region of the highest hill of the Jeseníky called Praděd ( 1491 m ).Through the valley of the river Opava it goes further through Zátor, famous in the surroundings for its spring of the magnificent mineral water, and Brantice, taking pride in Baroque palace and palace garden , up to Krnov, which had been a natural centre of the region for hundreds of year.



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