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Windmill of german type [ Water mill or windmill ]

To the southeast of the village Skalička (by house Nr. 75) there stands a ram's windmill. The mill dates back probably to the end of the 18th century. More exact dating is uncertain. On the regulation counterweight there is year 1786, on the groatspart 1812. The mill was originally built in Dřevohostice. About 1850 it was disassembled and transported onto a new place to Skalička, where it was again built. At that time his proprietor was J. Herodek, a well-known hatchet man and miller in the second half of the 19th century in Hranice region, who built and trade in windmills. After J. Herodek the mill became a property of his daughter who got married with Josef Červek to Skalička. This family lived in the servants room of the mill for about 20 years (gradually with 12 children). In 1876 they built near the mill timberred cottage, this cottage was rebuilt on masonry one around 1928. It was paid for grinding up of flour. In Skalička it was from 100 kg of corn 5 kg dispersion. For rough-grinding was paid 5 Czech crowns for 100 kg. The mill was in operation till 1966. In 1953 the mill was reconstructed with the costs of cca 40 000 Czechoslovac crowns.

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Skalička - mlýn
Skalička 150
753 52 Skalička 150
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 581 223 729
(+420) 581 223 524


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